Birth Parent Gift Ideas | Mother’s Day Craft

 This is the adorable craft my kids did for their birth mothers last month.

We sent it to them in time for Birth Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day although the last sentence of the poem can be changed to fit just about any special occasion or holiday.

  1. We have a giant roll of butcher’s paperin our basement to be used for all kinds of art projects. I cut a piece for each child and drew a bunch of lines for a rainbow with a Sharpie. As you can tell, said lines were far from perfect.
  2. Then I handed my kids our “paint dot pens”for them to use to add colors to the rainbow in any way they’s like.
  3. On a different day, I mixed white and blue paint in an old pie tin and handed them a blank piece of paper for them to paint various shades of blue with a paintbrush.
  4. On the final day, I painted their hands and placed them around the pre-printed poem to make a heart.
  5. Then I assembled all the pieces for them and mailed them off!


I know Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day are long gone, but I like to surprise my kids’ birth moms with awesomeness in the mailbox instead of having them see it online beforehand …so you will just have to pin this idea for next year!

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Here’s what I have learned in doing these kinds of crafts with my kids:

  • Take it slow.
  • Break it up into small parts.
  • Do each small part on a different day.
  • Don’t force them. I mean, really …who can be creative under pressure?


    • Lindsey says

      I will never admit to anyone how long it took me to locate them …let’s just say I *ALMOST* ordered BINGO marking pens. smh.

  1. says

    I love paint markers like those…I teach art (I’m on leave right now but I’m an elementary art teacher, too.) I usually buy smaller bottles like these because they are easier to handle for my youngest students and the paint is usually thicker. I hadn’t actually thought of getting them for my daughter, so now I want to go shopping and pick some up this week! Thanks for the idea :)