Begging for Help from my Nikon Friends

Dear Photographers, I need your help.

If I weren’t feeling so emotionally numb these days (that’s another post), I would cry over this, but instead I am just begging for help.


A little background.

This is my camera. It’s practically a relic. It’s the Nikon D70. They don’t even make it any more. I’ve had it since 2003.

This is my memory card. It holds a lot of photos.

In fact, when my card is empty that “555” number says “1K” meaning that is how many photos I have remaining.

The problem.

Although my camera tells me that my card only has room for 555 more photos which means I have taken about 500, my “playback” only shows me 35 of them. I am dying. Where are they?


What I think happened.

I shot a birth story recently. I needed to get the images to the new mom ASAP. I hooked up my camera to my MacBook Pro and using Bridge selected the 150-200 photos from the session. No other images were moved to the computer. I did not delete the birth story from my camera either.

I edited the photos, inserted a DVD into the drive on my computer to burn the images for the new mom WHILE my camera was still connected to the computer and turned on.

In my airheadedness, I selected MY CAMERA instead of the DVD icon in the Finder and moved the 150-200 newly edited birth story photos to my camera instead of the DVD. I only noticed because I couldn’t find the “Burn” button when I went to finish up the DVD.

The next day when I went to look at some photos on my camera, I couldn’t find anything before my airhead episode YET my camera shows that my card is not empty thus giving me hope that my photos are still on there somewhere.


Is there any way to access those photos?

Talk to me.


Like I said, if I had the emotional energy, I would be in tears about it. Help?



  1. Tiffany says

    I am so photography expert, but I do have a Nikon as well, and I had a similar problem a while back. Have you tried too see what photos show up on the card when you are on the computer? In my case they weren’t showing up on my camera once they had been edited. However, they were all there once I checked through the computer. Hopefully it is as simple for you. I know I kinda freaked out when it happened to me. Good luck….fixing the camera issue and healing your broken heart.

  2. says

    Oh no! Sounds like your card may be corrupt and have probably lost the photos for good! Whenever you take photos immediately put them on your computer and then format your card in your d70 through the menu settings. This will help so it does not corrupt again. Hope you are able to find them but I have a d300 and has happened once in the past with the exact same memory card and lost them for good before I formatted my memory card! Sorry!!!

  3. says

    I know what you did and I could fix it if I was there I just can’t explain it. Maybe if you haven’t figured it out by Monday I can swing by! Sorry the first time it happened to me scared me!!

  4. says

    I had a similar problem once. Someone told me to try plugging my card into a card reader instead of hooking up my camera directly- problem solved! They cost about $10 at target- good luck!!

  5. Rochelle says

    The pictures are not gone. After tinkering with some of the above suggestions, take the memory card to a camera shop. Like the real dealio, not Costco. I had a memory card that got corrupted once and I couldn’t get any camera or computer to even recognize it at all (and I had 500 vacation photos on there). Camera shops have a ton of software they can use to recover images from memory cards (even if you previously deleted them!). It’s crazy what they can do. It’ll cost you $50, but I paid it in a heartbeat for those photos. And I threw out that memory card after I got the pictures from the shop. Make sure you always format a new card before using it too. Good luck. Computers are pain sometimes!! Those pictures are one there, you’ll get to them.

  6. Jaclyn says

    Lindsey your pictures are still there! The reason you can not see them on your camera is because once they were edited on your computer. You need to pull them off your card and put them on your computer. Don’t use an auto thing to do it. Plug your camera in to the computer (or use a card reader). You need to go to wherever it is on your computer where you can see the drives. Like your hard drive. There should be another drive for your card. You need to open that folder and it should all be in there. Just drag it to a new folder on your computer. If the auto thing works to do it then you can do it that way. I’m not sure exactly how to do it on a mac, but I can be more specific if you have a PC to do it on.

    Even if you were viewing the pictures from your camera on your computer and simply just rotated it you would not be able to see it on your camera. That’s just how it is. Please let me know if you need any more help! message me on facebook or email me if you do.

  7. beth says

    There is a program called “Do Not Panic” that I used once when I cleared my memory card and then realized some precious photos did not transfer. I downloaded it for free from their website and it restored all my photos. Best wishes!

  8. says

    Not sure if this will help ……… a few years ago my inlaws went on a once in a lifetime trip to Europe. A few days before they came home they accidentally erased the memory card on their camera, losing all of the pictures they had taken so far on their trip.
    My FIL gave the erased memory stick to my boys to see if they could come up with a solution. Last week my sons (ages 16 and 12) found this program online and they were able to restore the deleted photos (over 500 of them!)

    The software is free, however, they do ask for a donation.

  9. says

    You might want to get a card reader and see if you can find the data on the SD card directly through the computer, bypassing the camera.