1. Renee says

    This is a very beautiful song. Much needed today. And I wasn’t referring to this one, although you sparked me to check it out. I was saying, the singer PINK, her song “Family Portrait” – that was what I was replaying OVER & OVER. Hilary has a beautiful voice.

  2. says

    thanks for sharing this today, Lindsey. I hadn’t heard it before and very much needed to. Now my kids are asking me “why do you listen to songs that make you sad?” :)

  3. Pamela (Percy2626) says

    This was awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. Loved it, new one to me. Made me tear up too! The Lord only gives us what we can handle with His help. If we got to live in other people’s shoes for awhile we would find their struggles are as great for them as ours are for us. Keep on trucking along…. Love your family even though we have never met. You are an inspiration to so many. Thanks so much for your blog.

  4. says

    Didn’t want to hear the song a few months ago when everyone was posting…so today decided to listen to it. Beautiful. So amazing how this song touches so many aspects of my life. Infertility is just one.

  5. Shirley Mautz says

    Dear Lindsey,

    Just put the pieces together. So very sad for you all. Please know that you are in our prayers. My husband will make you a pie the next time you are in town. Maybe that will give you a little cheer. Remember those days when you and Jessica would stop over after you went to see someone in your Laurel class that didn’t attend that Sunday. I remember those days fondly. You are such a wonderful caring young woman. Greatly admired by many.

    I enjoyed the little video that they showed of you at Time out for Women in Harrisburg, PA.

    Love you,
    Sister Mautz