Another T.A. Scam Story Part 4

T.A. is a scammer. She scammed us in 2010 and is still hurting families.

To date, 14 families have been brought to my attention, most of them learning they were being scammed after reading my posts about our experience with her. That is why I am sharing this 4-part story series.

My hope is that if you are being scammed by T.A., that the photo and details shared here will help you find out the truth and save your family any more heartache. While I can’t really explain why I don’t feel comfortable with posting her photo on the Internet (all I know is that I am listening to my gut on this one), if you’d like to see several photos of her, please email me and I will send them to you.


This is the final part of the series.

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In this story alone, T.A. claimed to be 13 different people! How crazy-sick is that?



Megan contacted me out of the blue and told me she was pregnant again.

Megan sent this to me 7/6/11

yes i am. i am actually getting pretty excited about it =] my parents dont know yet but i am telling them 2morrow at family dinner. i have been kinda sick but it hasnt been 2 bad. how r things with u other than busy?

The father was her 15 year old boyfriend Braxton.  They both knew they needed to place this baby because neither of them could be parents right now.  She asked if we would adopt this baby.  We really didn’t want to get into it but decided to keep the option open for her.

We thought this might be the answer to our prayers because I knew if it were to happen it would come to us and we wouldn’t be looking for it.  This came to us out of the blue and we weren’t looking anymore.  We kept the option open for Megan’s sake.  We didn’t feel like this was our baby but didn’t want Megan to shut the option of placing out completely.

She told us that we were the only people she felt at peace placing with.  She kept us informed about how the baby was doing and would tell me about her Dr’s appointments.  She still wasn’t ready to meet us but I expected that.  I just kept thinking I was dealing with a 13 year old and expected her to act like she did.

Anyways there was more drama than anyone has time for with this situation too.  She found out she was having a boy.  We didn’t even tell anyone we were adopting this time even though we were keeping the option open for her because we were so sure it wasn’t going to work out.  She had him 10 weeks early and he was fighting for his life, just over 3 lbs. and not breathing on his own.

About a week before she had him she contacted me and told me that she wanted to research parenting.  She said she wasn’t changing her mind, but that she just needed to check into all of her options.  After he was born she decided to parent.  She said her Dad was going to pay for everything and her family was going to help.

Actually, she didn’t tell me any of this, Courtnee did.  I didn’t hear anything from Megan after the baby was born.  Courtnee told Taryn a couple months later that Megan placed Maddox with family a couple days before Christmas.

Taryn got pregnant again because she was raped by 2 guys at a party but miscarried shortly after of course.  She almost died several times because her Kidney Disease got so bad.  She was on dialysis for awhile and then they put her on an experimental trial treatment and she started doing much better.

I talked with Taryn once and told her that a lot of what had happened didn’t add up and that I didn’t believe that what Courtnee said happened to our baby could have happened.  I told her how it didn’t make sense and how there is no way that a baby born at 38 weeks would just stop breathing and that since she was in the hospital the Drs would have been able to save her.

I told her more that I thought didn’t add up and things that I was questioning.  I think she must have been worried that I was finally willing to admit that most of what had happened couldn’t have been real, I just had this feeling.  I was still in contact with Taryn although not with adoption stuff so that meant that we didn’t talk much, only once or twice a week and they were very short conversations.

Then I ran into my friend who has adopted 3 precious children and she told me that Taryn was a scammer.  I couldn’t believe it!  She said that she was reading this blog that she likes and she was reading this story about a failed adoption a couple months ago and as she was reading she kept thinking this story is so familiar, how do I know this story?

I know I’ve heard this story before…then she realized it was eerily similar to my story.  She told me about it and I checked the blog posts online.  I was sick, I was reading this story that was so similar to mine in many ways although very different in others.

As I was reading I saw the picture of our little baby that passed away.  It was the same picture that Courtnee sent to me.  My heart dropped and I couldn’t breath.  How could I have gone through all of that and grieved so much for something that was never even real?

I emailed Mrs. R immediately to confirm that it was the same person.  The day after I found out that it indeed was a scam and that Taryn was a sick, twisted person who has to be stopped I confronted her.  The day that I did she contacted me and told me that she talked to Megan and found out that Courtnee’s parents were the ones raising Maddox.

I couldn’t believe she was telling me that and had to laugh that in 5 min I was going to call her to tell her that I knew her dirty little secret.  She admitted to me that she is a scammer and that she made all of it up.  She pretended to be all of the people that I talked to and heard about.  So Taryn is Alyssa, Alex, Tanner, Megan, Hanna, Courtnee, Chelsi, and Jordan and she made up Hailey, Amelia, Preslyn and Maddox as well as all of her pregnancies.

She has never been pregnant before at all and never placed the baby she always talked about.  None of it was real, none of them exist.  Our baby that passed away didn’t exist  She made up email addresses and used other people’s names.  The email addresses she used were (Megan) (Taryn) (Courtnee) (Hanna).

After finding out some of the names of other people she has scammed I realized she used their names as some of the people she imposed.  She would talk so differently in my conversations with the other people she was pretending to be that I really thought I was talking to different people.

Taryn didn’t get any money from us, but I took her to lunch.  We lost a thousand dollars in legal fees getting everything ready for a baby that never existed.  I didn’t know this type of scamming existed.  I thought people only scammed people for money.

What kind of sick sadistic person would purposely cause this kind of emotional trauma on so many people?  We found out from Mrs. R that we are the 11th family that she knows of that Taryn has scammed.  If there are 11 that we know of how many others are there out there?  She has been doing this for over 3 years and has gotten very good at it.

She admitted that it’s all she does, she can’t work or have any kind of life outside of her scamming, it totally consumes her.  I told her that I wanted to share my story.

I said earlier that now I cry randomly for a different reason, now you know why.  I was told adoption would be hard and to expect a failed adoption.  When we kept having failed adoptions people told me that it happens sometimes and to just be patient that our baby was still out there.  I still feel like she is but I don’t know anymore if it will ever happen.

I might seem like a stupid person for ignoring all of the red flags that I saw and more that I realize now.  But I really am not dumb.  I thought I was talking to different people and since I had met Taryn I kept telling everyone that I knew Taryn and that my family knew her from school and she knew these people so even if I hadn’t met them she had and that was good enough for me.  Boy was I wrong, not stupid, but wrong.

I have never adopted before and so I had nothing to go off of.  I didn’t know how it was supposed to go or how it all should feel.  I guess now I never will.  I know adoption is hard and that it is amazing! For all of you out there, now I know it shouldn’t be this hard and if it is walk away from it.  I know that’s hard, I wanted to walk away from all that was going on so many times but the hope of bringing our baby home kept me there, and Taryn knew it.

She knows she can get away with just about anything because she is messing with something that people want so bad that they are able to blind themselves from the truth just for the chance of it coming true.  There is a lot of stuff that I didn’t include here because there is just too much to tell.  I was in contact with Taryn for almost a year and a half and all of you that have been scammed by her know how much drama she can pack into that amount of time.  Everyone beware of Taryn A!

Thank you for letting me share my story.