Another T.A. Scam Story Part 3

T.A. is the woman who scammed us in January of 2010.

She is still lying to families about adoption (in various forms) and pretending to be other people. I am posting this entire series so that you can protect yourself as so many of the details are the same for the FOURTEEN families that I know of that have been on of her victims.

So horrible.

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Megan sent this 2/16/11

I am so glad that you want to. It means a lot to me. I’m just a little concerned about openness.
How old are you guys?
Will you ever force your kids to go to church?

I didn’t ever receive another e-mail from Megan after this.  She went into labor and they were able to stop it and she was put on strict bed rest.  She was always too exhausted to email us Taryn told me when I told her I hadn’t heard from Megan in so long and asked if she knew what was going on.  Then she went into labor again and they couldn’t stop it this time, her body just couldn’t handle being pregnant because she was so young.  So she had the baby 11 weeks early.

When she was in labor she didn’t want us to come to the hospital.  I was devastated because I wanted to be there when our baby was born.  Taryn was there though and she kept me updated.  While Megan was in labor she decided she wanted to parent.  I was so surprised and didn’t know what to do.

I emailed her and attached the song that I wrote for her to the email as well.  Taryn asked her to read it and then said that everyone in the room was crying when they heard the song.  Then Taryn gave Megan her phone and she and I texted late into the night.

I asked her what was going through her mind so that I could understand where she was coming from and why she changed her mind so quickly.  She said that while she was on bed rest she had a lot of time to think and she decided that she could be a good enough Mom and that if her Mom did it she could do it.  (Her Mom was 16 by the way when she had Megan and just look at how well that has turned out for both of them!)

She had the baby on February 26th.  She was due May 11th so the baby was born 11 weeks early.  Amazingly she was born perfectly fine.  I texted more with Megan that day and she said she was 50% sure she wanted to place her with us and 50% sure she wanted to keep her.  I was beside myself.  I cried all day and couldn’t stop.

She wouldn’t let us come and meet the baby because she didn’t want us to get attached in case she decided to keep her.  Megan named her Amelia.  She assured me that if she placed it would still for sure be with us and that she would let us know when she decided.  She agreed to meet us and said that we could come to the hospital the next day, she just needed to check with her Mom to see if it was ok and then she would email me the next day and tell me when we could come.

I never heard from her and Taryn couldn’t get a hold of her so she went to the hospital and found out Megan and the baby had been discharged because they were doing so well.  They were going to keep them for 72 hours since Megan was so young and the baby was so early but they released them early because they were both doing so well.  She was released to go home with her Mom because the boyfriend was in jail and so the State felt it was safe for her to go home.

I didn’t get this since her Mom was the problem too, she let it all happen and didn’t do anything to stop it.  Once again I was side-lined with the situation.  I didn’t know how this could be happening and how our baby could be slipping away from us so quickly.  She finally emailed my phone later that day and apologized for not getting to me when she said she would but it had been a crazy day because she and Amelia were able to go home.

She said she wasn’t ready to meet me still and that she needed more time since they were trying to adjust to being home.  She drug us on like this for over a week.  She texted me from her email address all week so we talked everyday.  On March 5th she texted me that she needed help, she knew she couldn’t do this but her Mom was doing everything she could to get her to keep Amelia.  Part of this was telling her that we were horrible people and that we were going to take her baby and leave her on the curb and never think about her again.

She kept saying she needed help.  Taryn went over to her apartment and picked Megan and Amelia up and they had a long talk.  When I found out that Taryn was going to be with her and since she reached out to me for help I asked if I could come and meet Megan because I thought it might help her to make her decision if she met me.  Of course she didn’t want to meet me, she wasn’t ready.   Taryn said that Megan decided what she was going to do but wanted to be the one to tell me.

The next day, March 6th she told us that she didn’t care what her Mom said, she was going to place.  But she decided after everything her Mom told her about us that she was going to select another family.  She also decided that she wanted to place with a family that didn’t have kids yet.  If I thought things were bad before, I had no idea what bad really was!

I could have never imagined it could hurt that much to lose a baby through a failed adoption.  I can’t think of anything to even begin to describe the heart ripped out, guts on the floor feeling that you go through.  I was grateful that she had decided to place because to me that was the most important thing for this baby.  Both of these babies really since Megan herself was still a baby.  That’s what I told myself to make this all ok in any way.

To add insult to injury Megan contacted us 2 weeks later and told us that she made a mistake.  She said that she should have placed Amelia with us.  She didn’t feel at peace with the placement like she thought she would when she chose someone else.  She said that Amelia was supposed to be our baby and she apologized for not placing with us.  I couldn’t believe it.  What was I supposed to do with that?  I was crushed!

A few months later she contacted us and told us that she wanted to make things right so she was pregnant again.   She said that she got “prego” on purpose so that she could place with us.  I couldn’t believe what she was saying!  I told her that that isn’t how adoption works and that I couldn’t believe that she would do that.  She said that she thought I would be happy that we could have this baby.  I told her that we didn’t want her to get pregnant so that we could adopt and that if there was a baby out there for us that she would find her way to us and that we didn’t want or need anyone to purposely get pregnant so that we could adopt because it didn’t work that way.

She told us that we were the only people she would place with and that she wanted to help us.  She was the one that needed help, not us.  She told me that she wanted me to come to her next Dr’s appointment so that we could finally meet and I could meet her Dr and see how everything with the pregnancy was going.  I was all set up with a babysitter ready and what do you know, she cancelled the morning of her appointment because she still wasn’t ready.  I was used to it by this point so I can’t say I didn’t expect exactly that.

At her appointment they couldn’t find a heartbeat and did an ultrasound and discovered that she miscarried.  They admitted her to the hospital and did a D&C.  I talked with her a lot after and she would say how sore she was and how hard it was to know her baby was gone.  I felt so bad for her and ached for another baby lost.

A while later she contacted me and told me about her cousin Courtnee that was 17 and pregnant with a baby girl and had been looking for a family to place with for 5 months and hadn’t found one she felt was the right one.  She asked if she could show her my profile and I said yes.  Taryn went to her house in Salt Lake and took our profile to Megan so she could give it to Courtnee.

Then I didn’t hear anything from Courtnee so I thought she wasn’t interested.  Megan contacted me and asked why I wasn’t responding to any of Courtnee’s messages.  I told her I hadn’t received any and she checked with her to make sure she had my right email address and then just gave me her number.  She contacted me by texting my phone from her email address.  We started talking and I found out she was in the hospital in labor.

It was Tuesday and she had just been admitted not too long before.  Things were moving slowly but they wanted to keep her there.  We talked and got to know each other.  I learned of a girl who loved soccer.  She played goalie and had played since she was 3 I believe.  She played on her high school team and missed playing so much.  She had a large purse collection and sold her purses recently and donated the money to Primary Children’s Medical Center.  She had a twin sister and she loved her family.  They were all supportive of her placing.  She was raped and the father didn’t know she was pregnant.  She had an amazing counselor and was in a good place with everything.

The next day she was still in the hospital and things were still moving slowly but she was so dilated that they had to keep her.  I thought it was so weird that they were keeping her there since she obviously wasn’t in active labor but thought maybe they were being extra cautious because she was young and because of how dilated and effaced she was and figured she could have this baby any time.  She told me that her Mom and twin sister were there with her.  She still hadn’t decided if she was going to place with us but said that she wasn’t considering anyone else at that point.

I had surgery scheduled that Friday and was getting anxious.  I wanted to know if we were bringing our baby home that weekend or not so that I could re-schedule my surgery if necessary.  The next day, Thursday May 26,th 2011 she told us that she was going to place with us.  I was so excited!  I cancelled my surgery and started preparing to bring our baby home.

She told me that the Dr said that if the baby wasn’t here by noon the next day that he would do a C-Section so our little one would be here by at least noon tomorrow.  She wanted this baby to come on her own which is why they hadn’t done anything yet to make the baby come.

We talked all night until late.  She asked me what we were going to name her.  I told her the names we had picked out but told her that my favorite was Azure Marie.  She said that was beautiful and her middle name was Marie.  Mine is too so I thought that was so great!  Since we were adopting on our own without an agency, she told us to go ahead and get everything going with our Attorney the next morning.  Since it was Memorial Day weekend we jumped on it and went in and got the paperwork ready first thing in the morning so that they would have enough time to do the petition and everything.

I couldn’t get a hold of Courtnee that morning but figured that she was just busy getting our baby here.  When we went to the attorney’s office we told them the situation and how we hadn’t met Courtnee and had only contacted her through email and asked if they thought that was weird or a huge red flag.  They said that happens sometimes and it sounded legitimate so we went forward with everything and paid the retainer fee.

While the legal team was preparing we went up to my husband’s parent’s house and were waiting, bags packed, babysitter ready, infant seat in the car anxious to meet our baby girl.  I still hadn’t heard from Courtnee but she finally contacted me that afternoon about 4.  She told me the baby was born at 11:00 but that she was changing her mind.  When I asked why because she had been so sure the night before, she said that she told the birthfather last night about the baby.  He came to the hospital and when she showed him our profile he said he didn’t want her to be placed with us because we had kids and he wanted her to go to a family without any kids.  All I could think was that this innocent baby was here because he raped someone, how does he think he has any right to say who she should be raised by?

He had known about her for how long and after Courtnee who had been dealing with this burden all along finally chose her family after searching for 5 months he thinks he can come in and tell her to find someone else?  My world was once again shattered into little pieces and was blowing away in the wind.  How could this possibly be happening again?  She told me that she would think about it and let me know.  Courtnee contacted me late that night and asked me why this was my baby.  We talked for quite awhile and then she needed to get some sleep.

The next morning I went to the Temple.  While I was there I received the clearest answer I have ever received from our Heavenly Father about anything in my life.  He told me to stop searching.  That if this adoption didn’t work out it didn’t mean that we wouldn’t adopt, but that if we were supposed to then our baby would find us.  It would just happen out of the blue.  We were to stop looking.  Tell our agency to not show our profile.  Tell Taryn we didn’t want her help finding our baby anymore.  Just wait and let what happens happen.  I could not stop crying and I didn’t want to leave the Temple because I have never felt that close to my Father in Heaven before.  I wanted to stay there and be with Him forever.

When I got home I texted Courtnee and told her I needed to talk to her when she was ready.  She texted me around noon and asked what I wanted to talk about.  I told her about my experience in the Temple and how I thought that the answer I received that we were to stop searching was because we had found our baby so there was no need to search anymore.  She said she needed to tell me something and then didn’t ever respond when I asked what.

That night at 3 a.m. I sat straight up in bed and looked at my phone (which I have never done).  At that very second I received a text from Courtnee.  She told me that last night she was up all night thinking and she knew this baby was ours.  She said that when she told me earlier that day that she had something to tell me that she was going to tell us to come get our baby but that she started having breathing problems and they took her for observation.

Our baby girl stopped breathing at 12:45 p.m. and they couldn’t bring her back.  She said sorry and I asked why.  She said “because she was supposed to be yours”.  I couldn’t believe it, our baby had come and gone and we didn’t even get to see her or hold her or spend time with her before she was gone.  We grieved for our baby that we lost.  I would still cry for her sometimes up until about a month ago, and now I cry for another reason.  I will tell the reason for that later.

I would talk to Courtnee and try to help her through grieving for the baby that she lost as well.  I could tell she was depressed.  She blamed herself and said that it happened because she took so long to get her here.  I assured her that she did nothing wrong and that it was just this baby’s time to go.  Eventually she got busy with school at the U and work and didn’t contact me very much anymore.  I asked Courntee for a picture of our baby and she finally sent me one on July 1st.

This is the same photo that Taryn used when she scammed some of my friends.


My husband and I asked if we could help pay for a headstone and if she would let us be there for the burial.  She told us that she had her cremated. She had named her Preslyn Grace.

Of course I had told Taryn all about my experience in the Temple and about our baby passing away.  We kept in close contact, and there was always plenty of drama in her life to keep me busy.  She got pregnant again with twins.  She wanted to place with us but we told her no.  She miscarried one of them and they were worried about her losing the other because of her Kidney Disease.  The father was Alex.  They decided to get married and went to Vegas.  I thought she was crazy for marrying someone who had been abusive to her for so long.  She was convinced he had changed and wouldn’t be abusive anymore.  She ended up miscarrying the other baby and shortly after she and Alex were divorced.


 *The rest of this story will be posted in a series over the course of this week.


  1. Kira says

    I just don’t understand this girl. Who could be so heartless to do this to someone? Terrible. I wish there was some sort of legal action that could be taken in cases like these. It is just so wrong.

  2. says

    My heart is aching. As someone trying to adopt, I have never had such spiritual highs and emotional lows as I have experienced in this last year- and those have been over legitimate situations. How could someone do this to people? You are right. It is cruel, and EVIL. There has to be a way to stop her from doing this again.

  3. Jenny says

    Can’t something legally be done to stop this psycho? I mean, this is so sick and wrong on so many levels! I’m glad you are posting all of her scams! Hopefully one day something will happen to permanently put a stop to this!

    • Lindsey says

      I agree, it is totally ridiculous. Believe you me the police and several attorneys have been notified, but no one has given her straight up money …they’ve only taken her to dinner so she hasn’t done anything illegal, just immoral.

      We do have some other things in the works, but I am not comfortable posting those.

      I would encourage anyone who has been scammed by Taryn to contact Gephardt (a reporter in our area that exposes these kinds of things) at the following email and ask him for help. (I already have as well.)

  4. Cheryl W. says

    She needs to be stopped. Isn’t she committing fraud? Seems to keep repeating fraud. I’m so sorry for all those couples/families who have gone through this gut-wrenching experience. My heart goes out to all of them.

  5. Keltie says

    Can you please send me her picture, I am afraid this may be the girl that is contacting my friend’s sister in law. The stories are all just too unreal. She has been asking me questions about adoption as we are adoptive and foster parents. Do adoption workers down in the states not do teaching around scammers? We had to do a three hour training session on adoption scams, and it just feels like so much of the hurt could be stopped if adoptive couples were better educated. Also anytime contact with a potential birthmother is made, we had to tell our caseworker so they could inform other potential birthmothers that we were being considered by someone else. They wouldn’t stop showing our profile, but if we didn’t tell our caseworker and they found out later they could terminate our profile with their agency. It really stops scams before they get going too far. There is no way to stop girls from scamming, but we can stop it through education and more communication with the trained professionals who are there to help us.

    • Lindsey says

      Email me and I will send it over.

      Most of the couples I know HAVE had training but it is different when you are in the trenches and not an outsider looking in. I will never blame the victim in these kinds of situations where they were taken advantage of in their most vulnerable soft spot.

      I have even taught classes on adoption scams and she still scammed us for 3 days. In those 3 days she did an amazing amount of damage to my heart and mind. I am not the same person.

      I think you will like the post tomorrow where this hopeful adoptive mom kind of explains herself.

      • Keltie says

        I was not at all trying to blame the victim, and I have been there too. Within the first week though we knew she was a scam and confronted her and she then disappeared. It absolutely plays head games with you and we almost didn’t want to adopt after that, but we did and are so glad we did, I just want to educate others so bad so that stories like this become the exception and not the common place they are becoming.

        There is no way for anyone to know something is a scam in the first couple meetings, it takes a little bit of time so there is no way to eliminate it, but this poor lady seems to have been dealing with this “Taryn” girl for a very long time and the longer they have your ear, they have your heart and they do more and more damage. I have been in tears more then once reading this story knowing the heartache of wanting a baby so bad, and feeling that desire in this mother.

        I use to be an idealist, but after everything we have been through I try to be a realist and unless I had been through adoption, and all the ends from scams to failed placement, to getting the baby and then mom changes her mind but also wonderful successful adoptions, I would not believe what can happen, its not for the faint of heart that is for sure.

        I guess we just keep on trying to help others out there and pray that one day we all stop trying to hurt each other. I type this with my little two month old snuggling on my chest and wish adoption could always feel like this, but I also know that I am the women and mother that I am because of the trials we have had. How do I e-mail you my e-mail?

  6. says

    Wow. This is so elaborate. How she even keeps that many fictitious people and lies straight in her head is beyond me. I know there is more to the story, but does it seem like she is escalating to anyone else?

  7. Mrs. Roberts says

    Seriously!! She has been what 4 different people- if not more in this story alone! I have cried, for this poor mother! Thinking her potential daughter died and she never held her, saw her face or even got the opportunity to attend a grave side service. How horrible, that is a new low. Does she not realize she is mocking real pain, and suffering, that people really do lose their new borns, babies are born pre-maturely, women are raped and abused. She is sick. Sick and wicked. I would love to see this hit Gephardt! To truly expose her to everyone who thinks they know her, family, neighbors ‘friends’ public humiliation for her crimes seems fitting.

  8. Liz says

    When I typed in her email addresses from the next segment into Facebook, the first came back to an account.

    • Rachel says

      It looks like it isn’t too hard to find Taryn on facebook. There’s a Taryn A. that is friends with “Tanner” on facebook.

      • Terra says

        “tanner” and Taryn aren’t friends anymore on fb. She is still on there though she is a little tricky to find now.

  9. says

    I can’t understand why you won’t post her picture and full name. If you’re going to call her out, (and you should) then REALLY call her out.

    • Lindsey says

      I can’t explain it either, I just know what my gut is telling me. I am happy to send them to you via email, but I won’t post them online. Email me!

  10. says

    I just was wondering – and it looks like comments are closed in section 4 where it is mentioned – but if she is unable to work because this takes up all of her time, how does she support herself (or who supports her)? Anyone know?

  11. Lacy says

    Taryn is supported by her parents, she still lives with them and they pay for everything she needs. We have tried to prosecute her but she isn’t doing anything illegal so the police said there is no criminal case that can be brought against her. Also, I don’t know how she keeps all of these elaborate lies straight especially because she is continuously scamming more than one familiy at a time and tells them all something different. The sign of a truely sick mind I guess…