Another T.A. Scam Story Part 2

T.A. is the woman who scammed us in January of 2010.

She is still out there preying on vulnerable families …maybe your family. If you think you are being scammed by T.A. please contact me. So far I know of 14 families that have been her victims.

What will you find in this story? Drama, drama, drama …and lots of similarities with the stories she told us. I am posting these so that you can recognize the details and protect your family. Posts like these on my blog are how most of the other families discovered that the person they were pouring their heart out to was a phony.

Pure evil.

Read Part 1 of this story.



Before Alyssa had her baby we found out that Taryn was pregnant again with her boyfriend Tanner.  She got pregnant when he raped her.  She stayed with him even though she knew it wasn’t a good situation.  She said she didn’t think she would ever be able to get anyone better so she might as well take what she could get.  I felt like a counselor a lot of the time while talking with Taryn.  She seemed to always have something going on that she needed help with.

I was so sad for her and the life she was living.  I did all I could to let her know she shouldn’t settle, that she was worth it, and that she deserved to be treated with respect and kindness and that she shouldn’t stay with someone who is treating her like that.  She asked if she could consider us.  I told her yes, she said she wanted to look at other families as well so she met with her caseworker at LDSFS and started looking at families.

She wasn’t very far along but said she wanted to figure out who she wanted to place with soon because she knew she would feel better about everything once she found this baby’s family.  I don’t remember her caseworkers name.  She said that Tanner didn’t want to place but she knew it was what she had to do because it was the right thing for the baby.  She was worried because Tanner’s Step Dad was a really good lawyer and she was afraid that he would get custody even though he raped her all the time and was abusive.

She talked about going to group and how hard it was meeting with her caseworker and looking at families and how much pressure she felt to find the right family.  I was surprised she wasn’t considering Chelsi and Jordan but didn’t analyze it too much.  I just figured she wanted to give another family the chance to adopt.

She sent me a recording of her singing the song From Gods Arms to My Arms to Yours that she recorded and gave to Chelsi and Jordan when she told them she wanted to place with them.  She would send me picture messages to my phone often of Hailey or Hailey and her when they had visits.  She was a beautiful little girl!

I was going to be visiting family near where she lives at the end of January so we set up a time to get together so we could finally meet.  She had our profile because I took it up to my In-Laws and left it there for her to pick up shortly after we started talking so that she could have it to show to Alyssa and any other Birthmoms she knew but we still hadn’t met.  So the date was set and I was excited to meet her.

We met somewhere and I drove to lunch.  We went to Café Rio, that’s what she had been craving while she was pregnant.  So I bought her lunch and we talked about adoption.  How great her open adoption was with Chelsi and Jordan and how she was so grateful they were willing to share Hailey with her.  We talked about her health and how she has Kidney Disease and has had bad health since she was little.

She talked about how she was on 16 different medications, some of them to treat her kidney disease but that she was allergic to some of them but had to have them so she had other medications to combat the allergic reactions so she could tolerate them.  It sounded kinda crazy but I didn’t question it because I didn’t see why I would need to doubt what she said.  I had just met her, and she seemed really nice and like she had her head on straight and was trying to straighten her life out and really wanted to do the right things even though she was seriously struggling doing so throughout her life.

Soon after meeting Taryn she told me about going to speak to a group of Young Women in Davis County that had a high concentration of sexually active girls and so their Bishop and leaders contacted LDSFS to have some Birthmoms and Teen Moms speak about their experiences from both sides.  Chelsi brought Hailey and Hailey ran up to Taryn when she got there and curled up in her lap and played with her phone while she was sitting in the stands.  She talked about how great it was to hold her but how incredibly hard it was too.

Then she told me about how 2 of the girls were pregnant and one of them came up to her after and told her she had to place because she knew she couldn’t parent and asked Taryn to help her.  The little girl’s name was Megan and she was 12.  I felt so sad for her and knew immediately that she needed help and I asked Taryn if she would show her our profile and she said she would.  I learned more about Megan the next few days and how hard her life was.

Her Mom wanted her to keep the baby and was telling her she couldn’t place but Megan knew she couldn’t parent and that the best thing for the baby was to place her in a family with 2 parents who could take care of her.  She was having a baby girl by the way which was again so perfect because that is what we wanted.  Megan told us that the Birthfather was an 18 year old boy.  Megan’s Mom Hanna didn’t want to press charges because she didn’t want to screw up his family’s life.  I thought that was horrible, why would you worry about that when your 12 year old is pregnant?

We received this from Megan on 2/3/11

hi. im megan. i am using my mom’s email account because i don’t have my own. anyway, taryn showed me ur profile and i wanted 2 ask u sum questions. i hope that is ok. what is ur religion? if u were picked right now what would u name ur baby? what do u do for work? wealthy or scraping by? wut kind of goals do u have for ur kids? is there ne history of abuse on either sides of ur families that u r aware of? wut would the ideal adoption for u? wut do ur families think about adoption? wut is ur opinions of ppl who give their kids away? i am excited 2 get 2 know u!! can’t wait 2 hear back from u! thank you


We sent this to Megan 2/4/11. (I took out the couple’s response email because I feel like it was too personal to share in this kind of a post.)

.     .     .

Shortly after Taryn introduced us to Megan she found out she miscarried her baby.  She apologized to me when she told me about it and I was so confused.  She told me she was sorry because she was going to choose us.  I was so sad for her and couldn’t imagine how hard that must be for her to go through.

I re-wrote an adoption song called From Gods Arms to My Arms to Yours and named it From Gods Arms to Your Arms to Ours.  I recorded it and gave it to Taryn to give to Megan.

We received this from Megan 2/7/11

im srry it took me so long 2 reply. i didnt know wut 2 say and i havent been feeling well at all. my mom wants me 2 keep my baby. she is against nething that doesnt make that possible. i dont know wut kind of contact i want. it all kind of scares me. wut kind of things did u like 2 do when u were my age? y ru lds? wut is ur favorite color? favorite movie? wut was ur favorite subject in school? favorite season? favorite tv show?

I sent this to Hanna on 2/7/11. (I took out the couple’s response email because I feel like it was too personal to share in this kind of a post.)

.     .     .

I received this from Hanna 2/10/11 It made me sick!


I appreciate you taking the time to write to me. I am against adoption for many different reasons. As I’m sure you know I got pregnant at a young age and I had to learn the hard way and lost a lot of my childhood because of a stupid senseless mistake, but I grew up and took responsibility. Everyone needs to learn that they dont’ get to skate by in life when things get hard, and that includes my daughter. Another reason I am against adoption is because this baby is my grandchild. I have finally come to realization that I am going to be a grandma and I want that more than anything. Yes my daughter is young, but she can be a good mom if she puts her mind to it. She got herself into this situation and now she needs to take responsibility for her actions. My mom had to do it, I had to do it, she has to do it. I love my daughter and I have worked really hard to give her the best life possible and give her everything she wants in life and I am going to help her make the best life possible for my granddaughter. Thank you for your email.


Shortly after receiving this Megan confided in Taryn that her baby’s father was not an 18 year old she had been sleeping with but her Mom’s boyfriend.  Megan told Taryn that he had been raping and molesting her for over a year and that her Mom knew about it and that her Mom would talk to him each time she found out he was doing it again but that she would stay with him.

Hanna worked 2 jobs, one during the day and one over the night so Megan was left at their apartment every night alone with the boyfriend.  I was so heartbroken for Megan when I found this out.  Megan said she was scared to tell her Mom that her boyfriend was the father of the baby not the person she already said so Taryn went to their apartment to talk to Hanna and Megan together and provide moral support for Megan to feel more comfortable telling her Mom.

Hanna said she already knew that he was the father and that’s why she wanted Megan to keep the baby so bad.  Hanna had an abortion when she was 18 and hasn’t been able to get pregnant since so this was her chance to help raise her boyfriend’s baby.  She said she loved him and she was still planning to marry him.  Taryn called me when she left their apartment and told me all about their conversation.  I told Taryn that we needed to get Megan out of the home and get her some serious help.  Taryn had a neighbor who is a Social Worker and Foster Parent for the state so the next day she went over and made a statement to her neighbor who had Megan picked up from school and removed from the home and placed with her.  So now Megan was living next door to Taryn which I was so relieved of because she was now in a safe place. She was able to get her own e-mail address now, her Mom wouldn’t let her have her own so that she could have access to anything sent or received by Megan.

I sent this to Megan 2/10/11. (I took out the couple’s response email because I feel like it was too personal to share in this kind of a post.)

.     .     .

I received this from Megan 2/13/11


im srry i havent been writing u. i have been very stressed out and worried about everything in life rite now and i decided to just walk away from everything for a couple days and breathe. srry. nothing personal. i am doing alright. i was not able to read ur last email, i actually didnt know wut u were talking about. i am interested in meeting u, i just cant do it rite now while everything is going on. thank u for being so amazing. i dont feel like i deserve 2 have ppl like u in my life, but thank u! i dont have any questions rite now, do u have ne for me? there is something that i would like 2 tell u, but i need sum more time 2 get ready before i tell u…. :)
i hope u have had a good weekend.


I sent this to Megan 2/13/11. (I took out the couple’s response email because I feel like it was too personal to share in this kind of a post.)

.     .     .

 At this point in the story, Megan asks Lacy and her husband to be her baby’s parents.


 *The rest of this story will be posted in a series over the course of this week.


  1. says

    wow. she creates herself into an angel role, being the one to connect a family with their baby, not once but three times. And after milking each for all it’s worth she ends it and conveniently has a new baby opportunity ready. TA is so ill, caring more about the attention and nothing about the pain she is causing. Should TA ever have a real child, I would watch her every moment for munchausen by proxy.

    I feel so sad for each of these families she has scammed.

  2. Colleen says

    Wow. As awful as I feel for the families who have been heartbroken by TA, I can’t help but feel very sorry for HER too. I don’t know if it’s fair to call her evil–she needs help. She is ill.

    • Lindsey says

      I used to feel that way …and then I found out about family after family who were lied to by her over the last 2.5 years.

      And ftr, never called HER evil, but what she is DOING certainly is. :)

  3. says

    So horrible!
    This girl could be a script writer for a soap opera! Is there ever anything she does that is illegal so she can be prosecuted?There should be an online data base of adoption scammers so that adoptive families can see if any match the profile/activities of a potential birth mother that contacts them.

  4. Mrs. Roberts says

    I just don’t understand WHY she would do this? Does she not realize she is cheating her self out of a REAL LIFE not to mention the horrible emotional damage she is inflicting! Why is she still able to do this? What can be done to seriously get her mental help! My personal opinion is that she needs to be publicly humiliated! Her picture should be posted so would be parents will know when they are being scammed!

  5. says

    I agree with Mrs. Roberts! Post her picture! She isn’t showing any consideration towards the 14 + families she has scammed. She is messing with real emotions and real life situations. It’s a disgrace to birth mothers who really have placed their babies with wonderful and amazing couples. ugh! nuff said… I get so fired up thinking about this. LOL!

    • Lindsey says

      I get fired up too! So unfair.

      When I interviewed Taryn a couple years ago after confronting her about scamming us, she told me I could post her picture. I didn’t feel right about having it online (not sure why), but I am MORE than happy to share it with anyone who emails me and would like to see it.

      • Stephanie says

        I’d LOVE to see it. We adopted (via an online match), and are getting ready to start networking again. The more and more I see & read, the more thankful I am for our son’s incredible birthmother and how lucky we truly were! (We had multiple attempted scams, but none that we “fell” for). That being said.. I’d love to know what this girl looks like to be able to avoid her altogether. Thanks!! :)