Do you sell ad space on your blog?

YES. Let’s chat about it! Email me and I will send you my super reasonable rates and my stats. therhouse (at) gmail (dot) com

My blog is read mostly by women who are hoping to adopt, have adopted, have placed a child for adoption or just love adoption as well as others who suffer from infertility and anyone needing a hope boost or a fun idea for their kids. I have the most loyal, kind and generous readers on the web. I adore them.

Do you do giveaways and reviews on your blog?

Yes I do! Email me and we can flush out all the details! therhouse (at) gmail (dot) com

Please know that the product or service must to be relevant to my little world here at the r house. For example, you won’t see me reviewing any Barbies or other girlie toys–this is a boy household so far!

I always give a truthful review and my honest opinion about all products and/or services that I review. And that’s the truth.


I am hoping to adopt, how do I add my link or button to your blog?

That’s easy, just email me! therhouse (at) gmail (dot) com My rates for adoptive families are a fraction of the rates for companies. I know how hard adoption is!