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My How Adoption has Blessed Your Life series shares good news happening in the adoption world from all sides of the adoption triad …or just offers a paragraph or two on how the love of adoption is blessing lives. If you’d like to participate, just send me an email. Submission guidelines here. Enjoy!


Today’s Adoption Good News comes from Sheyann. She’s an adoptive mom that has chosen to see the good in the adoption process …even in the hard parts.

When we chose to build our family through adoption, we knew there would be difficult times. I’d watched two of my aunts adopt, both internationally and domestically, and knew first-hand how difficult it could be. However, my husband and I also knew that the joys of loving a child would be that much sweeter and more miraculous than we could imagine at that time in our lives… because they were our children through adoption.


In 2008, we brought our son home and were rewarded with that joy which exceed our expectations. 18 months later, we began the adoption process again and submitted our paperwork. True to our expectations, there have been difficult times, both as parents and as a family waiting, yet again, for a child. During the 2 year, 6 month wait for our second child, we were scammed, had a miscarriage, completed the education and licensing requirements for our state’s foster program, a placement where the mother decided to parent at the last minute, and were considered five different times for children in need of permanent homes through the foster system. Each time, it just didn’t seem to work out and after a while, it became so very difficult to maintain joy and hope; to believe that this journey was truly going to be worth the effort. I whined a lot.


At times, it really was difficult to continue to believe that we would, in fact, eventually be blessed to welcome another child into our home.


It did though. In March 2012, I was able to be with my dear friend in the hospital and watch as our daughter, Olivia, entered the world while my husband paced outside the delivery room; he got to be the father waiting for his child to be born.


Neither of us ever dreamed we’d be able to experience those events. Not only were JJ, Andy, and I blessed with a daughter and sister, but we now have an entire new part of our family; Olivia’s birth family. I have a friend that shares every joy and triumph in Olivia’s life through texts, emails, phone calls, and frequent visits. Every time I’m excited with a new milestone, I know my wonderful friend will be just as excited and happy as I am. This very minute, my husband is holding our five month old daughter with the most beautiful pixie ears that are like her birth mother’s ears. She grins a slobbery grin at me, then shakes her head “no” at me; a brand new game Olivia started playing today. And I can’t wait to tell her birth mother about it tomorrow morning!


Yes, adoption journeys can be so very difficult; open and closed, pre and post-placement, especially navigating open adoption relationships. It isn’t always sunshine and roses. Adoption is hard sometimes. But, it is also much sweeter than I expected and we are far more blessed than we ever expected to be because of open adoption and those relationships. It is worth maintaining the hope, continually communicating through the difficult times, and always seeking those small, quiet moments of slobbery, joyful goodness.



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    we’ve only been on our journey for our first child for 9 months. this story just helps us to press forward. i love reading everyone’s stories and experiences because it let’s us know in those sad, lonley days that YES we WILL be parents.