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My How Adoption has Blessed Your Life series shares good news happening in the adoption world from all sides of the adoption triad …or just offers a paragraph or two on how the love of adoption is blessing individuals and families. If you’d like to participate, just send me an email. Enjoy!


Today’s Adoption Good News comes from Lori and her kids. Lori is an adoptive mother who lives and loves open adoption.

Here are a couple of cute things that have come from having a very open adoption. 

When asked in her primary class “Who blessed us with our family?”  Four year old Elena raised her hand and responded. “My Birthmom Carrie blessed me with my family.  I grew in her tummy.”

I invited Elena’s Birthmom to her Preschool Mother’s Day Program. When we arrived, one of the little boys asked Elena if Carrie (Elena’s Birthmom) was her aunt.  Elena responded with a laugh, “No, that’s my Birthmom.”  The little boy looked confused and said, “It’s your birthday?”

We also just had a very successful weekend this past Saturday when our son Cody was baptized.  We had our two birthmoms, one birthgrandma, and grandma and grandpa (my husbands parents) under the same roof.  It was quite a crowd!!!!  Cody’s birthmom and birthgrandma stayed with us for 4 days along with grandma and grandpa.  We also ALL went to Cafe Rio which has been a tradition when we have the special occasion of having both of our birthmoms together with us.  Like I said….we have two VERY OPEN adoptions.


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  1. says

    this is just beautiful! this is excactly how we want our future children to know and understand adoption. to talk about it and share it. to have a great, open relationship with their birthparents.

    i am primary president for our little branch and have had the opportunity to talk about adoption with the 10 children i teach. they ask me adoption questions all the time and their cute little minds even think about the temple and what will i do.

    i love answering children’s questions the most. they will be in a situation in their lives where they will know someone adopted and hopefully remember the sweet things their primary president talked about.

  2. Jeanie says

    As a birthmom the line about who blessed her with her family just brought me to tears. What a sweet thought! Love hearing these stories!