Adoption and the 2012 Olympics

The Olympic Games make me cry.

Can I get an amen on that? 

The passion.

The struggle.

The stories.

I was serving as a missionary on Temple Square during the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City–all those memories come rushing back every time I see the Olympic rings.

I have loved learning about the Mormon athletes (represent!) and of course the adoption connections.


Shot putter Reese Hoffa’s adoption story had my heart all tingly.

Reunited with his birth mother while in college, Hoffa is an adoption advocate, a member of a transracial family who was adopted when he was 5 from an orphanage in the South. Read every word of that story because it is beautiful. (photo source.)


Dominique Moceanu’s sister was secretly placed for adoption and the story still lingers in my mind.

Dominique was reunited with her biological sister 4 years ago and learned that Jen was placed because she was born without legs. Amazingly, they both grew up to be gymnasts. Such a sad/amazing story. I can’t stop thinking about it, especially about how it was all figured out.


Was gymnast John Orozco adopted?

I have no idea, but man …the world sure wants to know. (Google it; there is so much speculation based on the different skin tones in his family. People are weird.) I don’t know if he is or if he isn’t, but he sure is a cutie. That smile? Have mercy. (photo source.)



John is also the star of the music videos of one of my favorite songs right now.


Kinda my theme song right now.


Oh the 2012 Olympic Games, you’ve been good to us.

Thank you, London!





  1. Mary Anne Parsons says

    Marlon Shirley, who is a two time paralympic champion, was also adopted. They are from right here in Tremonton, UT :)