A Dr. Seuss Birthday

I have a certain three year old that loves The Cat in the Hat. 

This summer we had a Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat birthday party for him. It was hilarious and darling.

Gavin is one of those kids that totally enjoys all your preparations and notices the details …his older brother is like that too. This makes for one very excited mom on birthdays!

I wanted to share some party ideas with you today because March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and I thought you might want to slip some of these party ideas into your daily routine just to spice things up.

See a list of fun things we are planning to on Friday at the bottom of the post. With links, of course.

We had Mr. R’s brother dress up in my younger brother’s Cat in the Hat costume. Let me tell you, these are two awesome uncles! Uncle Foof (whom Gavin was named after–they share the same middle name) really went the extra mile and even wrote a poem for Gavin in the Dr. Seuss style. He greeted Gavin at the door when Gavin and I walked home a little late from church.

He officially blew Gavin’s little mind!


We gave Gavin a couple of fish for his birthday. (They lived for 3 days.) He named them Orange and Wipe.

 For the cake, we did cupcakes.

 They were just yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting, but I stuck blue cotton candy on top to make them look like Thing 1 and Thing 2. A note about using cotton candy: Eat and photograph them quickly. The moisture in the frosting will make the cotton candy disintegrate.

I printed out Thing 1 and Thing 2 little circles and attached them to red cupcake liners. For the images on the cupcakes, I just Googled characters from the book, printed them off and stuck them on toothpicks. Super easy.

Setting the table is my favorite part of any party!

Use wrapping paper for a table cloth! This is especially brilliant for little kid parties as you just roll is up and throw it away!

I loved using real Cat in the Hat hats and the actual book as part of the table decor. I actually found some large photos/collages from Dr. Seuss books online and printed them out to use as place mats. I added “Happy Birthday, Gavin!” to the top of each.

The dollar section at Target always seems to have Dr. Seuss items available in the summer and this year, I snatched them up! Instead of using disposable paper plates and cups, I bought these fun plastic ones that we continue to use even 6 months after the party.

For the party favors, I got a bunch of Sweedish fish from the bulk candy section at the grocery store. I tied them up in the above little baggies with a note that featured a picture of the fish from The Cat in the Hat and the words, “Thanks for coming to my party and meeting my new fish! Love, Gavin”

Friday we are planning on doing the following to celebrate the birthday of one of our favorite authors!

  • I will be wishing I had this outfit to wear, but I don’t.
  • Read Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Make this Seuss treat with the boys to snack on during the day and during the movie later that night.
  • Eat green eggs and ham for dinner. Use spinach juice in the scrambled eggs to give them the best color. (Yes, scrambled eggs unlike the book. I don’t do any other kind.)
  • Read The Cat in the Hat.
  • Since Tyson is working on rhyming at school, I though this Seuss-themed rhyming activity would be fun!
  • And you KNOW I have to have an art project! I am set on this fun Thing 1 and Thing 2 handprint art.
  • Watch Horton Hears a Who as a family.

*You can check out my Dr. Seuss board on Pinterest for some more inspiration!


I hope you are able to get obSEUSSed over Dr. Seuss’s birthday! It’s super fun to dive into his creative genius.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!


  1. Whitney says

    Your creativeness blows me away. Love all the decorations. And the names of his fish were hilarious!! Too cute.

  2. says

    Very very cute, you have some great ideas there and it looks like Gavin’s party was just darling. Thank you for the inspiration, this week is so crazy I wasn’t going to do anything, but now I can see some great little ideas that I can sneak in. Too often I take an all or nothing approach, which is a shame. Thanks!