2012 Utah Infertility Awareness Event

The Utah Infertility Awareness Event is always a great event. 

First of all, It’s FREE.

It’s well organized and informative.

And it’s fantastic to be with “your species” and feel supported. For the last 2 years, a group of us have gone out to lunch after the event. The food has always been delicious and the debriefing conversation so deep that I am usually in tears as I place my order with our server. (And, let’s be honest, order another Diet Coke.) There are very few people on this earth that I feel comfortable bearing my soul/tears to about infertility, and these men and women are certainly at the top of my list.

April 22-28, 2012 is National Infertility Awareness Week. This is a great way to kickoff an important week for all infertility survivors.

This year Mr. R will be speaking!

His topic is: “How Being ‘Rational’ Isn’t Always Helpful (looking at infertility through a man’s eyes)”, Josh Redfern, LCSW

Registration opens April 1st. Seating is limited so set an alarm on your phone to remind you!

You can get all the latest on the event on their Facebook page.

Just go. Do it. You won’t be disappointed.


Also? The R House Couture will be raffling off our “Eventually” infertility necklace. Don’t miss it.