6 Things to Post on April Fools Day that DO NOT Involve Pregnancy

Apr 1, 2014

It’s April Fools Season.

For us infertile folks, it’s a day to avoid Facebook which will no doubt be replete with fake pregnancy announcements. It can be a trigger.

But what if you can’t avoid Facebook? Some people, like me, make a living on social media. Instead of giving you a long essay on how this day stinks and why fertility feelings are tender, let me present you with some solutions. Surely there are other things to lie to your family and friends about once a year instead of a fake baby. Need some ideas?

April Fools Posts for Facebook  therhouse.com.jpg


1.  Agree with anything Gwyneth Paltrow has said. Ever.

2.  Announce that you’ve found the way to balance it all as a mother …that one will be sure to bring a hearty laugh.

3.  Declare that you are going to quit Facebook. Caution: No one is going to believe you.

4.  Talk about how much you love kale.

5.  Think of the most exotic land you’ve always wanted to visit and announce that you are moving there.

6.  Start a rumor that Facebook will have yet another design change and watch people meltdown.


However, if  none of my examples are doin’ it for you and you absolutely are not creative enough to think of another “prank” to pull other than announcing a fake pregnancy on social media, can I encourage you to take this prank to the next level?  <—Sarcasm, friends. I am sure you are just as horrified as I am that such a site even exists. A scammer’s paradise! Hopeful adoptive parents BEWARE!

Happy April Fools Day.

May the force be with you.


Free Family Event | Utah’s Ultimate Athlete

Mar 28, 2014

My SIL and her husband own a really cool gym in American Fork called Velocity Sports Performance

We had the most amazing and competitive “rehearsal dinner” there the night before she got married. You guys. So fun. I cannot express that enough. (Email me if you want to do it for your wedding. I can hook you up.)

Utah's Ultimate Athlete  therhouse.com.jpg

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 29th), Velocity is hosting Utah’s Ultimate Athlete  and I just entered my family as a team. It’s obvious that I am the most athletic person both in my family and in Utah. I’ve always had this athletic prowess …ever since I was little. I mean, just look at this form:

Bad Dance Photos | therhouse.com

Me. 10 years old. Nailing it. 


Further proof: My first soccer team was named the Blue Unicorns. I came up with the name and then somehow convinced the rest of the team to allow it. I think it was the bowl hair cut that I had at the time. Unicorns though? It does not get much more athletic than that. 

All those NFL players and BYU superstars that will be there on Saturday better watch out. Blue Unicorn Alum comin’ at ya!

Seriously though. This is a competition for you super intense competitive folks (like me) as well as families. My very pregnant SIL is even joining in the festivities.



And just because he is adorable and will hate me for posting this, here’s my bro-in-law dancing on the news! HA! (Aaron, you will never live this down. It will be reenacted at every family dinner.)



It is going to be so much fun!

Bring your family. Great prizes. Activities for kids. Raffle. Velocity trial memberships. Your children can get their wiggles out. (The #1 thing I look for in a family activity.)

OH AND THIS: It’s free.

Utah's Ultimate Athlete | AMP Athletics | therhouse.com


And you can support an amazing organization. Learn more about AMP Athletics.


See you tomorrow!



On healing and storytelling.

Mar 21, 2014

I recently fell in love with this quote on healing and storytelling. 

Healing Quote, Rick Warren, therhouse.com.jpg


It was shared with me by a dear friend who placed her baby for adoption almost 18 years ago. For most of those 18 years, she kept that part of her life very private and secret. She just recently decided that her message was meant to bless the lives of others and offer healing …including her own.

She inspires me to have the courage to share my story.



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