Because the world needs a little more sunshine.

Last week (month?) was a doozy, wasn’t it?

I had to unplug a lot. On one such occasion, I packed my people up and headed to a park.

While shoving the blanket in the trunk, I looked up to see my three little jewels sitting in a row. They were laughing their insides out, happy as could be. I took a mental picture to remind myself that there is still joy and good and wonder in the world. There is still sunshine.

I pulled out my phone to take a quick video of their antics and recorded this gem:

May it remind you of the jewels in your own life and how hope is smiling brightly before us.

There is still sunshine.

Let’s help this 17-year-old find her forever family.


What are Matching Mondays?

Just about every Monday, I feature children who are waiting to be adopted through the foster care program. Each child has been approved by the heart galleries that host them to appear on my blog. Not every heart gallery from every state has given us permission to post their waiting children (some we can only link to, some we can use photos and some change their minds constantly about whether or not we are allowed to help in their outreach efforts) …we are working on that.


Adoptable Kids Utah

 McKenzie, age 17 from Utah.

This young lady “has a strong desire and dream to one day belong to a family.” Click on her name to read more about her in her profile. Let’s see if we can help her dream come true!



You can view the heart galleries from all the states by going HERE and clicking on the states you are interested in.

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Closure is Coming to SLC 07.10.14

As soon as I watched the preview, I knew I needed to bring this film to SLC. 

I longed to sit in a theater filled with my adoption community and watch a beautiful and moving film about family, identity, and adoption.

Ladies and gentlemen …CLOSURE.

I reached out about bringing the film here and wouldn’t you know it, the SLC screening takes place Thursday, July 10th at 7:30 pm at Broadway Centre Cinemas. Hosted by my husband and me.

SLC Tugg Flier Presented by The R House

After the film, we have arranged for a brief Q&A discussion featuring The Utah Foster Care Foundation, a husband and wife who have open adoptions with the birth families of their 7 children (6 of them came to their family through foster care), and an adult adoptee. My hope is that we can have an honest conversation about bettering adoption in our community, helping our children understand and love their identity, and the power behind knowing your roots. I hope you’ll join us.




Although this film is in a theater, you cannot purchase tickets at the door. You have to purchase them through the website (also linked above). Ticket sales close 4 hours before the film. Josh and I make zero dollars off of this film. In fact, any proceeds will go to the Tied at the Heart retreat for birth mothers.

Josh and I will be at the theater at 6:30 to chat adoption, answer any questions you may have, and prep for an awesome tight.

I can’t wait to share this film with you!


P.S. You can learn more about Angela on her blog, The Adopted Life, Closure on Facebook, and Twitter.